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Opera Santa Barbara
“You Decide” Ticketing Info

Among all the performing arts, opera is the most expensive to produce. If ticket revenue were to cover production costs, ticket prices would be prohibitively expensive. Thanks to the support of our donors and Premium ticket buyers, Opera Santa Barbara is able to offer tickets at prices that are more affordable, while still reflecting the value of our performances.

This year we are taking an additional step towards making opera accessible to all: If our advertised prices are not right for you, we trust you to decide what our performance is worth to you. Just choose the price* that’s right for you, and call the Lobero box office at (805) 963.0761 to place your order, or click here to return to our published prices. Every dollar you pay goes toward live, vibrant, Santa Barbara-made music theater, and we thank you for your support.

*Some limitations apply. Limited number of “You Decide!” tickets available. This offer can be discontinued at any time without notice.

You Decide! is supported by a generous grant from the Walter and Holly Thomson Foundation, Bank of America, N.A. Co-Trustee