Craig M. Springer, PhD,
President and CEO, Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts
Chrisman Executive Director, The Granada Theatre

Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts

Administration and Finance

Caren Rager, Director
Debbie Slater, Associate Director of Administration and Finance
Amy Robertson, Contracts and Administration Manager
Nick Vocatura, Consortium Services Manager
Laura Teague, Performance Accountant
Antonette Renteria, Accountant
Mike Mariano, Database Support Specialist
Darryl VanOudenhove, Tessitura Support Specialist
Jessica Sue Wiles, Administrative Associate


Hayley Firestone Jessup, Vice President of Advancement
Tracy Dunn, Special Events Manager
Kathy Kramer, Development Services Manager


Kate Kurlas, Director
Max Engelsiepen, Marketing Assistant

Jurkowitz Center for Community Engagement

David Grossman, Director

The Granada Theatre

Ticketing Services

Jessica Lohr, Ticketing Services Manager
Autumn Clayton-Sanders, Special Services Manager
Ashley Bonner, Ticketing Services Coordinator
Aidan Parisi, Box Office Supervisor
Kathryn Carlson, Box Office Associate
Joshua James, Box Office Associate
Alana Ochoa, Box Office Associate
Liam Cetti, Box Office Associate
Nia Courtney, Box Office Associate
Katie Macias, Box Office Associate
Phoebe Wilkinson, Box Office Associate
Sandra Linares, Box Office Associate
Amanda Neidlinger, Box Office Associate



David Johnson, Director of Operations
Megan Landry, Associate Director of Operations – House Manager
Rolf Freeman, Facility Manager
Coral Weese, Assistant House Manager
Skyler DePaoli, Front of House Assistant
Manny Maldonado, Front of House Assistant
Rebecca Phillips, Front of House Assistant
Chris Cortez, Facility Assistant
Robert Gomez, Facility Assistant
Stanley Yamada, Facility Assistant
Kevin Witherell, Stage Coordinator
DeAnn Nguyen, Head Electrician
Jon Fowler, Head of Audio
Lauda Swan, Head of Wardrobe
Jubal Molitor, Head Carpenter