The Jurkowitz Center for community Engagement

Community Access Ticketing

The Community Access Ticketing (CAT) Program reflects the Jurkowitz Center’s commitment to ensuring the entire community is actively engaged with, and inspired by, the theater and the magic of live performing arts.

CAT has been established through the generosity of visionary philanthropists to focus specifically on the needs of audiences who have an interest in live performing arts programming and who also have demonstrable economic constraints that prevent them from participating as often as they might like.

CAT’s goal is to provide subsidized access to more than 100 live performing arts programs presented each year at The Granada Theatre, and distributing tickets to underserved populations in the Santa Barbara through close partnerships with local non-profits and community service organizations. Among the targeted audiences are students, teachers, veterans, active and retired military, caregivers, single parents, families with young children, and senior citizens.

Notes from some of our partners

“Today we had a Resident Town Hall Meeting. During the meeting I had a resident stand up and say the following: ‘We have been handed such a precious gift, these performances are something we could only dream of and could never have been able to afford. In my whole life, raising my children and caring for my family, did I ever imagine we would ever have the opportunity to attend some of the best shows in the most beautiful place you have ever seen.

Charlene Fletcher | Activities Director, Garden Court

“Many, many thanks for this wonderful opportunity. We are extremely grateful. The experience of live performance in a world-class theater renews everybody, and gives people promise. I had such a great experience myself in being able to open so many doors for our residents and clients.

The Granada Theatre has been a great resource and support.”

Michael Padden-Rubin | VP Development and Marketing, St. Vincent’s

“I cannot let this day go by without telling you how grateful and excited the Rancho Franciscan Apartment seniors are for the incredible performances they have seen so far.

They cannot stop talking about the quality of performances and how grateful they are to be able to go. I promised I would let you know how much they appreciate your generosity. They thank you and I thank you for the wonderful gift of renewed life and new memories you are giving them!!!”

Kay Underwood | Community Manager, Rancho Franciscan

“The teachers absolutely love this opportunity! They work hard and do so much for our students in Santa Barbara… This partnership is generating funds for Santa Barbara Education Foundation that allows us to continue pursuing our mission and supporting the arts and music in the schools.”

Margie Yahyavi | Executive Director, Santa Barbara Education Foundation

Some of our CAT partners have included


Battistone Foundation

Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara

Cleveland Elementary School

El Camino School

El Patio Gardens

Everybody Dance Now

Garden court

Girls, Inc.

Hope School

Housing Authority of the city of Santa Barbara

Isla Vista Youth Projects, Inc.

Notes 4 Notes

Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Museum

Presidio Springs

Rancho Franciscan Apartments

Santa Barbara Education Foundation

Santa Barbara School of Squash

St. Vincent’s Santa Barbara

Storyteller Children’s Center

United Boys & Girls Club of Santa Barbara County

Vieja Valley School

Villa Santa Fe

Visiting Nurse and Hospice Care of Santa Barbara