Granada Mural

Plaza Granada

A Downtown Improvement Project to Provide Safety, Beauty, Access

The plan for PLAZA GRANADA is coming to reality. Over the past few years, business owners, city officials, patrons of the arts, and local residents have collaborated to create an attractive renovation. What is now a crowded, unattractive area where cars, buses, and trucks share space with a constant flow of pedestrians will be a landscaped, well-lit space providing safe access to patrons, a limited number of parking spaces, and improved parking and drop-off facility for the backstage of the theater. The plan will meet the need to improve the circulation, safety, parking and maintenance.

The project covers a physically small area, yet it is complex given the needs of business owners, property lines, and government requirements. The new PLAZA GRANADA will feature attractive landscaping, vastly improved lighting for nighttime passage, much improved surface treatments, enclosures for trash and recycling, and new architectural features which will include a stunning mural by local Santa Barbara muralists, Tracy Lee Stum and Sayak Mitra.

General Plaza artist rendering 1
General Plaza artist rendering 2

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