Rental Information

Rental Rates & Fees

1. Facility Rental Rates

General Performance Hall Rates
Day Usage Type Facility Fee Facility Fee
Mon-Thurs Fri-Sun
Performance Rate $4,900 $7,000

The Facility Rental Rate is a base rate that pays for the use of the facility, along with basic lighting and sound equipment.

That includes:

  • Full range speaker system.
  • 96 channel digital mixing console.
  • QLab audio and video playback systems.
  • Repertory lighting system with GrandMA control console.
  • 4K digital cinema system.

2. Additional Fees


Description Rate
MFR cleaning fee $225
Theatre cleaning fee $600
Partial cleaning fee $400
Facility Assistant fee $34/hr
Front of House Manager fee $44/hr
Assistant Front of House Manager fee $26/hr
Security $55/hr
Merchandise Sales 10% of gross
Marquee Fee (One set up per show included in Rental) $350


Description Notes Day Rate
Video Projection System $750.00
Digital Cinema System Labor for set up only
Piano – 9′ Steinway Concert Grand Requires Tuning $500.00
Piano Tuning – Granada’s vendor Market Rate
Platforms/Risers Various sizes and heights $30.00 ea.
Dance Floor “Marley” panel 7 panels available $50.00 ea.


IATSE Job Titles and base hourly rates
Stage Coord. $40.21 Stagehand $29.41
Mixing A2 $31.11 Rigger $40.65
Dept. Head $32.52 Job Steward $35.11
IATSE Job Titles – Commercial Broadcast rate
Stage Coord. $58.56 Stagehand $42.83
Mixing A2 $45.30 Rigger $59.21
Dept. Head $47.36 Job Steward $51.14

Labor Surcharge:

  • Health fund, Annuity, Vacation = gross wages x 32%
  • Payroll processing fee = entire labor bill x 5%


  • Work Rules: As a renter of The Granada Theatre, you are party to the contract between The Granada and Local 442 of the stage hands union (IATSE). It is The Granada Production Manager’s responsibility to implement that contract as it applies to your production. Some of its conditions and explanations of how they apply to you are explained below.
  • Coverage: The contract applies to all employees working anywhere on the theatre property who are engaged in any form of stagecraft, e.g.: lighting, rigging, audio, scenic carpentry/painting, video, wardrobe, and truck loading /unloading. The contract does not cover stage managers, designers or assistants so long as they are not engaged in any covered activities.
  • Number of Production Crew Required: All personnel required is determined by Production Manager based on the specific needs of each individual event.
  • Hourly Pay: Stagehands are paid hourly for all hours worked from the moment the building is made available to you until it is closed when you leave.
  • Minimum Call: All Technical Service personnel have a minimum 4 hour call.
  • Overtime: Stagehands are paid time and a half for all hours worked under the following conditions: after 8 hours in one day, after 40 hours in one week. Stagehands receive double time the base rate for hours worked over 12 in one day.
  • Holidays: Stagehands are paid double time for working on any of the following 10 recognized holidays: New Years Eve after 4pm, New Years Day, Presidents Day, Easter Sunday, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve after 4pm, and Christmas Day.
  • Meal Breaks: All production crew members receive a 1 hour meal break after 5 continuous hours of work.
  • Call Time Changes: The Granada Theatre requires at least twenty-four hours notice to change call times. The Production Manager will attempt to accommodate any changes with less than 24 hours notice, but the User is required to absorb any additional costs. If a call time is cancelled with less than twenty-four hours notice, the User will be charged a four hour minimum for each employee affected.

4. Insurance needed

The User must provide in full force and effect during User’s use of The Granada Theatre, insurance indicating Comprehensive General Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance with a combined single limit of not less than $2,000,000.00 (two million dollars) as well as Fire and Extended Coverage Insurance. A certificate of insurance or copy of insurance certificate shall be submitted to The Granada Theatre contracts & administration manager no less than 30 days prior to the load-in date. Insurance must state that the “Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts, its employees, officers, and agents” are included as additional insured.

Failure to produce the proof of insurance will result in cancellation of the event and forfeiture of any monies already paid.